5 Ways In Which Himalayan Salt Lamps Help Fight Anxiety And Depression

It’s time to take your love for Himalayan salt a step further. Large crystals of Himalayan salt are now being turned into lamps, which can be purchased from most health food stores. They not only look good, but can also make you feel good, literally!

The Science Behind It

You are exposed to countless anxiety-inducing positive ions every day due to increased exposure to modern technology in the form of cell phones, television and laptops. Studies prove that Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions that can increase the flow of oxygen to your brain, making you calm, energetic and alert. These negative ions are the reason you feel calm and fresh around waterfalls, seashores, and mountaintops, as they cleanse the air and balance the positive ions around you. This phenomenon is also known to promote the growth of certain plants.

Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

1. They Calm You Down


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As discussed above, the primary benefit of Himalayan salt lamps is they counter the positive ions that can cause anxiety and depression. As the negative ions they release are limited to a certain radius, placing one salt lamp each in your bedroom, living room and office can give you the best of results. You can decide on the size of lamp based on the number of electronics you are exposed to daily.

2. They Improve Thought Process


When the positive ions around you get neutralized by Himalayan salt lamps, your brain functions more efficiently. This is due to the heightened flow of oxygen into your brain, which can speed up your thought process and keep you on top of your game. Place a salt lamp in your office and experience how it can surprisingly improve your performance at work. You can even try placing one in your child’s study.

3. They Prevent Diseases


Daily or prolonged exposure to electronic devices are known to cause a host of health disorders including high blood pressure, heart diseases and cancer. Himalayan salt lamps can counter the deadly emissions from these devices and keep many diseases at bay.

4. They Make You Happy


Himalayan salt lamps have the ability to heighten your spirits and make you feel positive when in close proximity with them. They cancel out all the negative energy around you and keep you feeling fresh and brimming with positivity.

5. They Help You Sleep Better


Himalayan salt lamps make the best night lights in the world. Not to mention how they set the perfect mood in your bedroom. The soothing light emitted by salt lamps can help you fall asleep faster and make you feel fresh and alert in the morning.

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